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It is my mission to always improve my skillset. Think you have a challenge for me? Let me know!

My previous work

RuneSpec, a Discord bot made to track user stats from RuneScape and allows for the user to use additional tools.

Check it out here.

Logo of RuneSpec 2021 - Active Development

SmartFX-FiveM, a custom FiveM framework designed to give the most imersive GTA 5 Roleplaying experience possible, with over 300 custom activities it is sure to blow your mind.

Logo of Arcane RP 2015 - EOL November 30th 2023

SmartFX-RedM, a custom RedM framework build using the experiences I gained from SmartFX-FiveM. It Is currently undergoing development!

Logo of RedSky RP 2022 - Active Development

ProjectPVE is a Rust server made to merge the worlds of PVP and PVE.
With large high-tier monuments/events being PVP zones and the low-tier monuments being PVE (along with the rest of the worldspace),
It allows a new player to get into Rust without much trouble. And is the best space for someone who wishes to just hang out on Rust and not worry about being killed at any random moment.

Check it out here

Logo of ProjectPVE 2022 - Active Development

This is my first fully developed VRChat world, in collaberation with MontaiL. The world has been designed to be as cozy as possible, while still giving plenty of activities to do together with friends!

Check it out here

VRChat Logo 2024 - Active Development